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Monday, March 23, 2015

NEW 8 by 8 full color children books for only $10.99 each!

Enjoy all of Ami Blackwelder's children stories now in a NEW 8 by 8 full color version for only $10.99 each! That's right!

Available at all online retailers that sell print books and ebooks. 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Clammy the Clam first drawings to the final artwork!

Tasha Anderson drew the first image of the clam and this is the final clam picture.
Tasha does her artwork in about a month's time. A mother of children, she has to fit her artwork in with mothering and work.

The Starfish is one of the funny characters in this delightful children's story entitled Clammy the Clam. Please check it out on

Inspired by the oceans, I thought this story would be a good illustration of finding self-esteem. Written, because there were so few books in the Thai school I worked at...that this story allowed the kids to enjoy "reading time".

As a Kindergarten teacher for six years in Thailand, I wrote a few children stories for the classroom and will never forget my wonderful experiences there!

It is wonderful to see how this pictures come to life with Tasha's touch of color!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sammy and the Magic Genie early illustration drafts

Tasha Anderson illustrated the children's book: Sammy and the Magic Genie.

Excellent artwork! See the before and after of each picture here!

This book is the second written in the House on the Lake Series and is available on

Once four titles are completed, the author will compile a children's collection of all four books through createspace.

The next books in the House on the Lake series
will be Clammy the Clam and Pappy the Paper Bag.

Exclusively at

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Moorhen Runt earlier illustration to the final draft

Some of the early drafts of the pictures included in the children's story The Moorhen runt by Ami Blackwelder.

Illustrated by Tasha Anderson

Edited by Belle Magnolia

This story is ideal for children five to ten.

Written by a former Kindergarten teacher, this book is an excellent source of reading for Kindergarten through early Elementary.

This final artwork took some color saturation, cropping, and added effects.

   But the final product is a brilliant display of colors and artwork.

Look out for the trio (writer, illustrator, and editor) team with upcoming children books for ages five ten

Coming is Sammy and the Genii, Pappy the Paper Bag, and Clammy the Clam.