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Ami Blackwelder


An award winning author and semi-finalist of the Laurel Hemingway contest '97. Shifter Evolutions is in negotiations to be made into an Independent Film with local screen writers. If you want to be part of the team (skills in screen writing, acting, costume design, set design, cinematography, directing) please contact

"Writing is my Drug. A fixed Addiction."
Ami Blackwelder writes Forbidden Romance with a tasteful twist!
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Eloquent Enraptures Publishing. Copy Editor: Belle Magnolia. Cover Artist:Tasha Anderson/Ami Blackwelder.

My Story:
My early years were spent growing up in sophisticated California. In the third grade my parents moved to Florida where I spent the awkward, teenage years. I began writing creatively in the third grade as far back as I can remember, though I probably scribbled a few stories before then.

My language arts teacher would inevitably read my stories aloud in class, because he was impressed by their uniqueness and creativity. I enjoyed listening to my stories be told and sometimes I was asked to read them myself in front of the class (Dread).

By my college years, I decided on the University of Central Florida and achieved a BA in English. I was an Honorary student (at first) and won the Best Fiction Award of 1997, published in the campus literary magazine: Cypress Dome. It is still found in libraries across the USA today. I entered the Laurel Hemingway short story contest the subsequent year and won Semi-Finals. I was elated.

I wrote a series of short stories and poetry in my twenties and joined the military (which ended in about a year on an honorable mutual discharge) and sojourned east bound. I ended up in Korea, Nepal, Tibet, China, and Thailand. I spent eight years in the orient. In my thirties while still in Thailand, I began my spiritual re-assesment. I wrote three religious/spiritual books in that period.

By thirty four and still in Thailand, I was bitten by the novel bug and wrote the fantasy romanceThe Guardians of the Gate and its sequel Prisoners of Pride. Before the year ended, I had a dream which inspired the characters for my third novel that year, an historical romance, The Day the Flowers Died. 

The following year, 2010, I returned to the United States and began my sci-fi romance novel, The Hunted of 2060. I also returned to a brother who I loved dearly passing away. It was detrimental for the first few months. But our family slowly recovered, yet is never fully healed.

There are a lot of questions as we grow. Some of the truths I have discovered seep into my writing, whether it is a spiritual book, poem, short story, or novel. My hope is to write four novels a year. My love is in the historical and paranormal, scifi romance genres.

If I die with a plentiful supply of novels I have written on my shelf (whether self published of not, whether on the best sellers list or not), I would die happy. It is what I was designed to do. WRITE. Write the stories of voices that can't be heard. Write the stories that need to be told. I am a story teller.